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About Pivot Point Patterns

Pivot Point Patterns insspire sewers to express their personal style with free sewing patterns.

Pivot Point Patterns inspire beginning and advanced sewers to express their creativity and personal style with free PDF sewing patterns, upcycle DIY clothes tutorials, and unbiased sewing pattern reviews.  We'll show you how to make a handmade wardrobe you're proud to wear that reflects your own style.

My name is Melissa, and I was made to make.  Sewing is my superpower.  I learned to sew from my talented mother, who made my clothes when I was a young child.  That woman could make ANYTHING she set her mind to, and she inspired my sewing and crafting obsession.  

I launched my first free pattern, the Trevor women's pajama pants (named after my son), a few years ago as an experiment to see what the process was like.  I hired a professional pattern maker to draft the pattern, but I design-directed every bit of minutia, from the way the leg was tapered to the layout of the instructions.   The response to this pattern was overwhelmingly positive!  Women were sharing with me their personalized makes and stories behind their pajama pants.  Budget-minded sewers were grateful for the free pattern that allowed them to splurge on fabric.  PJ bottoms make great handmade gifts, especially during the holidays when downloads of the pattern peak.  I completely underestimated the impact of a free, simple PDF sewing pattern.

That one pattern opened up my eyes to my life's goal and purpose - to help people unleash their creativity, express their style, and learn to sew by offering free PDF sewing patterns and upcycling tutorials.  I recently signed up for a computer pattern design class to make more patterns, and I can't wait to share all the patterns I have running around in my head!

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