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Free women's pajama pants PDF pattern you can DIY today

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Hello peeps. I’m proud to announce my first PDF sewing pattern – pajama pants for women. And it’s free! Sign up for my newsletter here and download the pattern. Already subscribed? Sign up again to access the pattern. Don't worry about multiple newsletters - the email system automatically removes duplicate emails.

For the longest time, I’ve been on the hunt for a free PJ pants pattern because I’m cheap and hate spending money. Many generous sewists have designed unisex pajama pants patterns and offer it for free. Their patterns are designed to be loose and baggy to accommodate all genders and sizes.

As comfy as these patterns are, I wanted something flattering to a woman’s body and similar to lounge pants I’d find at a retail store. After scouring the interweb for months without success, I said to myself, “Someone should make a free pajama pants pattern just for women.” So I did it, and here it is.

Here are some features I’d like to highlight in this pattern.

The tapered leg

I drove my pattern maker crazy trying to get the tapered leg just right. This was the first step in designing lounge pants that weren’t baggy. Drawing a straight line from the crotch to the hem wasn’t going to cut it. If you take a good look at the pattern, you’ll see the inside leg seams curve inwards at the thigh and gently drop to the hem. It took us five tries to get a perfect curve that got rid of excess bagginess while still providing comfortable ease.

A flattering rise

To elongate the front torso and allow for full coverage in the back, I made the back rise higher than the front. In the first version, I made them even, and they had the look and feel of mom jeans. Not a good look. This difference in rise is much more fashion-forward.

Check out your ready-to-wear pants, and you’ll see a similar difference.

Easy to sew with just one pattern piece

Looking for an instant gratification project? With just one pattern piece, these pants sew up fast because there’s less cutting and sewing. The pattern is basically front and back pattern merged into one piece. New to sewing? This is a great pattern for beginner sewers. And the pattern is layered if you want to print out just one size.

Retail sizing XS – XXL

I find the sizing on most sewing patterns perplexing. Why can’t they copy the retail sizing I’m used to?

This is the size chart I used to design the pajama pants based on samples from a variety of big box stores. Yes, I actually went to a bunch of stores to get measurements. Many sales ladies looked at me funny because they couldn’t figure out what the heck I was doing with all those pants.

Here are the finished garment measurements. Double-check the size chart against your measurements. Rule of thumb – if you’re used to buying a certain size at a big box store, our corresponding size should be very close.

One pdf for letter and A4 printing

My pattern maker is one smart lady – she designed the pdf to work for both letter and A4 printing. The PDF pattern only takes 22 pages to print.

Designed for comfort

Fit and comfort go hand in hand with these pajama pants. The elastic waistband provides the ultimate comfort for a lazy weekend at home binge-watching Netflix. There are no drawstrings to get in your way.

Personalize your pants

I love seeing your pants with personalized spins. I'm always delighted with the creativity behind your makes.

Trish Stitched made these pajama pants from shower curtains (!) and smocked the waist.

The Little Pomegranate used the cutest ditsy floral print for lounging at home.

Simpler Than It Seams made classic flannel PJ pants and added a cute bow.

I used to be a curtain hacked the pattern into shorts, and added patch pockets.

Final thoughts

I hope you enjoy this free pajama pants pattern. If you make a pair, would you consider buying me a coffee? I hired a professional pattern maker for these pants to guarantee a perfect fit. Also, I’d love to offer more free patterns (I have a TON of ideas I want to put out there, like a matching top for these bottoms). I made this pattern free because I want to give back to the sewing community. I find so much joy and inspiration from the makes you share.

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