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Pattern Review: Closet Core Patterns Cielo Top

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Pattern Review:  Closet Core Patterns Cielo Top

I love supporting indie sewing companies and wanted to give Closet Core Patterns a try after following them on Instagram. Closet Core's aesthetic is classic with a twist - there's usually an unexpected detail that makes their patterns interesting. That's why I chose the Cielo top as my first pattern. I fell hard for the puffy lantern sleeves, which I don't see very often with other patterns.

Read on for my brutally honest, unfiltered sewing pattern review.


Cielo is worth sewing if you like a loose, boxy shape with exaggerated sleeves.

The pattern

Pattern Review:  Closet Core Patterns Cielo Top

The Cielo Dress & Top is an easy, breezy take on a boxy tee and shift dress. I picked view B, the top with dramatic gathered long sleeves.

The fabric

Pattern Review:  Closet Core Patterns Cielo Top

I chose a mustard quilting fabric with a tribal block print. I'm obsessed with mustard yellow and used the project as an excuse to buy this fabric. Quilting fabric can be cheaper than apparel fabric, and I use the leftovers for my scrappy quilts.

The good

Instructions were easy to follow, and the top came together quickly. You can easily make and wear the top on the same day. I extended the bodice by 2" based on the reviews at, which prevented me from making a crop top. Pro tip: Always check out sewing pattern reviews before cutting the fabric. I can count on super helpful tips that guarantee a successful project. I've also avoided some awful patterns that would have been a waste of time and money.

Pattern Review:  Closet Core Patterns Cielo Top

Those sleeves! Take a gander at the line drawing, and you'll notice the lantern sleeve has two pieces. The top piece has full gathers and flares out. The bottom piece pulls the fullness into a funnel cuff. Super cute!

The bad

Sizing was tricky, and thank goodness I made a moulage before cutting my lovely fabric. I initially cut out size 6 based on my measurements (I'm 5' 3" and 115 lbs on a good day, 125 lbs on a bad day), and it was HUGE. For my final version, I chose size 0 based on the finished measurements.

Pattern Review:  Closet Core Patterns Cielo Top

The back had a triangular yoke piece that stumped me. I'm assuming it's supposed to provide a better fit in the back? Given the boxy nature of the of the top, I think it's unnecessary, and it creates a weird jog with the fabric print. That said, I've seen other sewists' tops with contrast yokes that were stunning.

The ugly

Pattern Review:  Closet Core Patterns Cielo Top

I got positive feedback on Instagram, but my husband HATES the boxy fit of this top. He's a traditional kind of guy and prefers feminine, fitted clothes. This paper bag fit with puffy sleeves is to edgy for him.

In conclusion

I enjoyed making this top enough to recommend it. Given the boxy nature of this shirt, I pair it with skinny jeans or a narrow skirt. Pick your size based on the finished measurements, and extend the torso so you don't accidentally flash your midriff.

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